Pat's Story.
Every moment is emotional, and I cherish each one. 

In life, we all face challenges that test us at different stages. In May 2012, I heard those dreaded words “you have cancer”! My first reaction was to think of this pivotal moment as being the end. Instead, with the love of so many it turned out to actually be the beginning. The fight was on and it was at that instant I realized that the only way I was going to make it through this would be with the support of my family and friends.












Ironically, through my own journey I discovered a new world and realized that as a cancer patient I really never was alone. Although friends and family composed the core of my defense mechanism, I quickly learned how important the role that supporters played in the day-to-day struggles associated in the fight against cancer. From dedicated medical professionals, volunteers and complete strangers who gave and continue to give their time and money to assist cancer patients (like myself) in beating the odds stacked before us.















Along with my close friend Lillian who was also battling breast cancer, we wanted to give back to the medical professionals who helped us through this journey. We embarked on a mission to raise money to assist in finding a cure for breast cancer. In 2013 we launched the first Pink Ribbon Event fundraiser. We kicked it off with a Sunday lunch with just a few the ladies it was such a success that it was suggested to have the next event as a dinner/dance. In the first three events we raised over $16,500.00 which was donated directly to the medical community to advance their research in the fight to CURE BREAST CANCER period! The event is growing and now with a group of dedicated volunteers we are being awareness to many more people. 


Our fourth year we raised $15,000.00.   After a cancer patient has completed treat, they patiently wait for the "5 years" to hear the words and on our 5th anniversary of the Pink Ribbon Event we were able to celebrate Lillian`s bright future as she is now cancer free!  Our 5th Annual dinner dance was the most success and raised over $30,000.00